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Sunday, October 7, 2001, when it was 19 years old I stepped on, I just got back migrate from Yogyakarta. It has been almost two weeks I was home. Suddenly Nur Cahyadi a
friend offered me a job, without thinking long again I want to. Monday, 8 October 2001, early in the morning I was escorted by nur into the workplace, this is my second work experience. Promptly at 7:00 we arrived at the destination, this is where I work now, in an Electronic Store in the town of Pangandaran, a
day to stay here I feel at home immediately, and always came home the next day I went riding my old bike janky production of the 1970’s, this bike is a gift from my father when I was sitting in class 1 till, when father promised me that if I manage to penetrate at least 2 class rating father promised to buy me a bike, thanks to hard work and prayer, I
finally managed to reach the second ranking of the 18 students at SDN 1 Sidomulyo, Pangandaran. Day in and day out without feeling I was almost a year working at the Electronic Store is, well I worked I also gain knowledge about electronics here, even though my education was limited to middle school, I was opening a small business at home as an
electronics repairman I worked there as well. Friday, 5 April 2002 I was the arrival of a new friend named Pipit Anggraeni of Singaparna-Tasikmalaya, although she is a woman but she is not less powerful than I, he was also most good electronics problem, pendidikanya was the same as I was only limited to junior high. Now my days are more meaningful when a new friend. every day every time we were together in one room, even during lunch, we were always together. God is fair, until one day among our growing sense of love, and for the first time I’ve known women as love. Pipit is the figure of a woman of good and diligent and good at closing worship genitalia, because that’s what made ​​me fall in love with him. In the afternoon we both got home from work after a walk to the beach side on a motorcycle owned by our employer, it becomes the most beautiful evening, we both sat on the beach, on the east coast of Pangandaran while enjoying the beautiful scenery of this, that’s when I dared reveal the true feelings to Pipit, consequently Pipitpun accept love, how happy I am that afternoon, promptly at 18:00 we went back to work and I went back home with a flowery heart. I could not sleep all night looming shadows always face Pipit. My attitude peculiar to the people around me to wonder, what happened to me?, Especially Si Nur Cahyadi, he always asked me: Nur: “Revelation, what’s, guns are usually a cheerful you are? you run
out of winning the lottery huh? ” Revelation: “ah,, guns as well … there dehhh” Nur: “ih stingy you, tell me what makes the donk you like this, I’m your friend,” Revelation: “yes … yes …. yes .. . malem aja ya later! ” Nur: “promise loh” In the evening I was with Nur menghitari
walking around this beautiful town of Pangandaran, until one day we stopped at a restaurant and it was here I told all of Nur. Revelation: “Nur, before I was so-so to say a thousand thanks to you, with this job I meet a beautiful angel, and it became a first for me, the angel his name he’s Pipit Anggraeni Singaparna, Tasikmalaya, she was the woman who beautiful and kind. Nur: “wah … wah … wah … apparently that’s what makes you so ga-rich clear this? “Revelation:” Ga obviously you mean ass? “Nur:” yes guns obviously, you’re so distracted “Revelation:” oh ya? guns too “We came home at 21.00. Our relationship is increasingly becoming, until one day Pipit filed a request to me, that he longed to be reunited with my family before I objected but kept forcing me finches, sparrows and finally I will bring my family , at 16.00 that afternoon after work I went home with a sparrow on a motorcycle owned by our employers. when he got home my mother was so surprised, when I came home with a woman, then I introduce Pipit to my family, especially my mother, without lingering longer, sparrow kissing her hand, like a child, my heart was so touched to
see all of it. shortly after the chat and then escorted back to the finches I work
before nightfall. Since then our relationship more closely added. Until the pain comes when the storm hit
on Monday , 17 July 2006,
at 4 pm I came home from work, an earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale shook the town of Pangandaran, everyone dikampungku frightened and fled to higher ground (mountain pager) so scared that I do not wear clothes, fortunately Nur , a true friend, he took with them clothes and memberikanya me, I separated from my family, I was just with
friends compatriot. In evacuation-shadow I always pictured the face of finches, whether he is alive or dead, where I work is just off the coast, Our refuge overnight in the morning just after dawn prayers our way home through the rain forests
are so vast and only use the torch torch made ​​of bamboo. Arriving home my family was already at home, they are so worried about me, and the kampong Thank God we did not happen , tsunami just hit some coastal
course, but so many casualties that fell and those who lost their homes in the morning I also came to the beach to where I work, the place was in ruins razed to the ground, I was so deep sadness when I had lost the first female finches I love. after that I went home with a shattered heart and I berceita much will all of that with my best friend Nur Cahyadi, Revelation: “Nur, this is the end of my first love story, now Pipit Anggraeni has gone for ever “Nur:” It is really very unfair life, there was all smiles and sorrow is the
destiny of the Almighty, we must willingly do this. “Revelation:” Yes you are correct, Nur’s yours is always there and to me, you’re my friend “.


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