kedung gondang indah

Kedung gondang, is a
major center of
information located in the
middle of pesawahan ciuru,
Pangandaran, this place is where me started small
time, not only me but many
people who like this place
as a place of fishing, other
than a beautiful place , here
the weather was also very cool because it is under the
shady trees and in the
midst of fields, location can
be reached on foot, about
2 km from the IPP
Prumpung, or you can from the eel-Bantar Balong
Bats then eastward
approximately 1km, even
today there are still many
people who like to fish at
this place, now this afternoon I was out there
fotoan photographs,
approximately 115 photos
I managed to make, some
of my uploads to XTGEM


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